In today’s aggressive market, investors need to act quickly. In doing so, all too often, they don’t discover critical physical and financial issues with the investment until after the deal is done.

These problems often require the unforeseen outlay of capital or other resources which ultimately impact the investors bottom line. Due Diligence Inspections are a critical aspect of the acquisition process of any real property, but particularly critical when dealing with a multi-family property, as the lack of proper due diligence can be financially devastating to a multi-family investor.

Due Diligence services range in scope, depending upon the service provider, their level of experience, expertise, and business model, but not all firms are created equal! Don’t make the mistake of just choosing any firm. Choose the firm that is best qualified to understand, formulate and execute a strategy that will put you as an investor in the driver seat to more in-depth negotiations, and offer you the peace of mind which can only be found in a thorough inspection personalized for your prospective property. Choose Terra Realty!


Terra Realty Services offers clients comprehensive due diligence-related consulting services. Our services encompass aspects of the acquisitions including income and expense review, analysis and forecasting, as well as administrative audits, and fit and finish evaluations. We will focus, primarily on marketability and aesthetic value of the property. Our standard analysis will include but may not be limited to:

  • Investment Analysis
  •  Income and Expense Review
  • Income and Expense Forecasting (based on actual and projected income and expenses to include budgeted upgrades and capital improvements)
  • Unit-by-unit inspection, including detailed report and executive summary
  • Lease File Audit
  • Contract Audit
  • Comparative Market Analysis (to include market rate analysis)
  • Grounds Analysis – Review the overall appearance of the grounds including the clubhouse, landscaping, sidewalks, gates, etc to provide recommendations for upgrades/repairs/capital improvements.
  •  Administrative Evaluations – to determine the value of the in-place
    personnel and the ultimate team composition
  • Social Reputation Analysis: Review available reviews from major social media outlets which may impact the marketability of the property and provide recommended action plan for improvement.

Additional Services may be provided at client request. Certified Building Contractors, Expert Professionals, and other Consultants can be contracted to carry out more in-depth inspections of various building components upon owner request.

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