Realty Services in the Metropolitan Tampa Bay Area

Terra Realty Services operates throughout the Metropolitan Tampa Bay area providing a quality Investment management experience for owners as well as tenants. Our management professionals and support staff have extensive background and experience in the Florida real estate market, including residential development, commercial and residential leasing, association management, and rental property management. Terra specializes in the leasing and management of residential properties, including townhomes, condos, and single family homes, and commercial properties such as retail centers and offices.

Strong Professional Affiliations

Terra Realty is affiliated, through common ownership, with an established and respected Association Management Firm, Terra Management Services, LLC, and a real estate law firm, Terra Law Firm, P.A. These unique affiliations give Terra Realty capabilities that its competitors just can’t match. Terra Realty professionals are able to stay current with rapidly changing regulations that impact real estate investments and landlord tenant law. Terra Realty professionals understand the value of securing quality tenants who will be compatible with the community and surrounding property owners. These are just two of the skills required of a good management professional and Terra Realty will employ those skills and others in the successful management of your investment property.

The Right Choice

Choosing a management professional is a big decision, one that we encourage you to consider thoroughly. Our team of professionals understand the value of your real estate investment and will work to obtain a return on that investment which meets your expectations.