We welcome you to our family with open arms. Where the living is easy, is not just our motto; its the foundation for how we do what we do! We strive to make the experience with Terra easy and we are available to assist you as you acclimate to life in a Terra Realty home or community. We look forward to your move-in and sincerely hope that you will remain a long-term resident.

We know that moving can be a daunting task! So many things to be done and not enough time to do it. We understand and we are here for you. Should you have questions regarding your home, or perhaps need assistance with locating vendors for the move? Call us Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5PM.

You may also stop in to see us at 14906 Winding Creek Court, Suite 103-D (use rear parking for easier access).

Now that your rental application is approved, you must apply to the HOA (if applicable). It is a common practice for Homeowners Associations to require authorization or approval for a new resident to move into the community. With that said, all applicants/residents/tenants are responsible for the timely submission of their HOA application and fee to the Association. Application and fee may be collected from applicant by the leasing agent; however the leasing agent has no control over HOA application processing times, nor the application fee. No applicant will be permitted to move-in PRIOR to HOA approval so plan accordingly!
Terra Realty After Hours: 813.374.2363

when the automated message begins to play you may dial 218 at any time. This will forward your call to voicemail for: Natasha Smith who is on-call for rental property emergencies.

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